General Data Protection Regulation: Client Confidentiality

This is to let you know how my work complies with the GDPR which came into effect in May 2018.


What information do I record

I make a note of clients’ names, telephone number, email address and postal address. I also record details of your pregnancy, previous pregnancies and previous births as well as any other details that come up in our discussions that may be relevant to how I am able to support you. Some of this information may be classified as ‘special category’, for example details of your health, past pregnancies etc.


How is it recorded?

My website booking form generates an email with contact information and due date for the current pregnancy. My records of telephone conversations, interviews and antenatal sessions are in the form of handwritten notes.

What will I use the information for?

I use the information I record to make contact with my clients, to prepare for supporting them in a personal and individually tailored way and to be able to debrief my experiences and develop my skills.


How will it be stored?

My handwritten notes are kept secured in a locked filing box with the key stored in a separate location. All word processed documents are saved as encrypted files on my hard drive. All emails, texts and WhatsApp messages are password protected.


With whom will I share the information?

I consider all the information that I have about my clients to be highly confidential and will treat it as such. As a DoulaUK recognised birth and postnatal doula I am part of a network of DoulaUK doulas with whom I may share brief, anonymous information about my clients' pregnancy, birth and postnatal experiences relevant to the work of a doula. If I need to share the support of a client with another DoulaUK doula as a back-up or for shared care I will need to share more detailed information; in this eventuality I will seek express consent from my client prior to sharing any information. I will not share this information with any other person or organization without express permission from my client.


For how long will I store the information?

I am required to store information about my work for 6 years for tax and insurance reasons before destroying it. I will do this by shredding any paper documentation. I will use appropriate file deletion software (such as File Shredder or Eraser) to destroy digital information safely and securely.


What about the website cookies? is hosted on the platform. Some of your data (which pages you visited on my website & when) may be stored through’s data storage, databases and the general applications. They store your data on secure servers behind a firewall.