My Packages and Rates

I offer a variety of antenatal, birth and postnatal packages to suit different needs and budgets. I am also happy to create a bespoke package to suit your needs and circumstances. 

Get in touch and we can start to build something tailor-made for you.

Birth Services (Various packages)

All packages include:-

  • On-call from 38 weeks of pregnancy until your baby is born
  • Unlimited support via email, text and phone including during the "fourth trimester"
Glass Package £600 As above plus:- Crystal Package £750 As above plus:- ​Diamond Package £1000 As above plus:-
  • 21 hours of postnatal services (including content of regular postnatal sessions and traditional postnatal doula services.
Planned Caesarean Package (£500) As above plus:-
  • 2 antenatal sessions
  • On call from 2 weeks before scheduled Caesarean date
  • 21 hours postnatal services in blocks of at least 3 hours
  • Additional focus on recovery from Caesarean birth in antenatal sessions
All sessions are flexible; however for an example of the kind of topics that might covered, please click here.

Antenatal only Package (£150 / 2 sessions)

You can think of this package as containing all of the doula knowledge you need for the birth of your child without me actually being at the birth! After an initial discussion to understand your needs, hopes and concerns we will arrange two sessions, each of up to 4 hours, in the comfort of your own home, where I can help guide you and your partner in understanding the changes and choices before you. I can provide a variety of support during these sessions, from providing general emotional support to specific advice and signposting information and services personal to you, from helping you craft your birth preferences to suggestions on how best to realise them. The topics and advice offered really are up to you, but I can also provide plenty of guidance on your pregnancy and forthcoming birth if you want more general support. Think of me as a pregnancy coach in your living room! If after our sessions you decide you would like to employ me as your birth doula, the cost of this package can be taken as part payment for any of the birth packages.

Postnatal Services (£15 ph)

After the birth of your baby there are many new challenges: changes to your sleep schedule, feeding, nappy changing, and getting used to your new family. I can support you to make this transition a happy one. Everybody's needs are different, so this can include:

  • Caring for your new baby or any siblings while you catch up on sleep
  • Breast or bottle feeding support
  • Help at bath time
  • Helping around the house
  • Emotional support; talking and listening
  • Making lunch, dinner or supper
  • Grocery shopping
  • The school run
  • Signposting you to any support or information you may need

Night Doula (£120 / 9hrs)

Almost anything seems a little better after a good night’s sleep! I can take responsibility for caring for your baby overnight (as well as siblings, light housework and prepping the next day's meals) to allow you and your partner to rest.

Birth only Package

A doula is a valuable member of your birth team and you may want the additional physical, emotional and practical support they offer 'on the day'. I offer a birth only package solely for individuals with whom I have a previous relationship through my activities or volunteering roles. It is important in this circumstance that you have considered your birth preferences.

Holiday doula

If you are in your third trimester and are visiting beautiful West Dorset you may appreciate the reassurance of knowing a local doula, who is familiar with the local hospitals, is ready to support you should you go into labour. Our initial consultation can be completed via online video chat (Skype or WhatsApp) enabling us to discuss your antenatal education and birth preferences. The cost of this package comprises £10/day "on-call" plus £300 if birth is attended.

Welcome Home Package (£100 / approx. 4 hours over 1 or 2 days)

Arrived home with baby and need immediate support? I will spend time with you to discuss your worries and concerns.

  • Techniques to calm and soothe your baby

  • Support with establishing feeding

  • Baby care including bathing, sleep and room temperatures

  • Debriefing the birth experience

  • Looking after yourself and finding time for ‘you’

  • Support network / groups in your local area

This is a one off package and can be given as a gift

Miscarriage / Termination support

No-one should have to be alone. I can be there and support you through a miscarriage or termination for as long as you need me with a listening ear & quiet companionship. No charge, though you may wish to make a donation to an appropriate charity.