*** An unexpected birth story can still be a positive birth story ***

We meet on the first Sunday of every month to talk birth. This month we heard from two new mothers whose births did not pan out the way that they had envisioned. However, birth can be positive, even when it's not straightforward.

One of our speakers discussed creating a list of ‘Birth preferences,’ as opposed to a rigid ‘Birth plan’ which allows for the unpredictable nature of birth.

Both mothers had hoped to birth their babies physiologically. For varied reasons they both had emergency caesareans. An emergency caesarean is one that is unplanned and can happen very quickly, as soon as a surgical team and an operating theatre can be sourced.

Some of the factors that meant these mothers view their births a positive were: -Preserving the ‘Golden Hour’ of skin to skin between mother and newborn -Being an active, well informed participant and discussing interventions with their midwives and doctors. -Having their partner present in theatre to offer loving support (at least until they were taken back to the postnatal ward – stupid Covid…) -The fact that they are the experiences that brought their babies into the world.

It was wonderful hearing the mothers discuss their birth stories with such joy, and demonstrates fully the ethos of our group: any type of birth can be positive.

If you need support after a difficult birth, then please contact The Birth Trauma Association:

East Devon Positive Birth Stories is a discussion group. We are not health care professionals and do not offer advice or diagnoses. All the choices available to you in pregnancy, birth and parenthood should be researched so that you can evaluate the benefits and risks for your individual circumstances.

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