H (1st time mum) - "I cannot thank Clare enough for her invaluable support throughout my pregnancy, labour and days after.  This was my first pregnancy and when I found out I was going to need to be induced I was anxious as I knew that I wouldn't be able to have the intervention free birth experience that I was hoping for.  

Clare helped my partner and me to familiarise ourselves of the process of induction so that we could ask the right questions of the maternity staff at the right times and make informed decisions that we were happy with.  Having Clare with us throughout helped us to remain calm and confident with the choices that we made and I am so happy that we asked her to support us in this emotional and life changing occasion".

L (2nd time dad) - "The rapport was good, Clare was very in tune with us and our situation. Clare fitted in well with the family and got on well with our 2-year-old boy. It was good to have the help, advice and somebody to talk about the things of which I wasn’t sure, as a first-time main carer."


N (2nd time mum) - "Clare was very warm from the first contact and supportive when I was under observation in hospital.

She's been great support and fun, helping me think about myself which at this stage a mother wouldn’t. Breastfeeding has been a big issue this time for me and has drained me physically and emotionally. Clare has supported me without judgement and with a lot of kindness!

Clare has been a great help to our family. She is bubbly, dynamic and really friendly, making us all at ease straight away as if we'd known her forever. She's been proactive and supportive, using her experience as a breastfeeding café volunteer to help A and I with our feeding issues. Her past experience as a teacher also shines through resulting in a super levelled approach to all situations, always keeping the right tone and positive attitude! Thank you very much Clare for all your help!"


H (2nd time mum) - "Clare is such a great help and a good company to have during the first weeks after birth. She’s great with my new-born and my older child loved her. She cooked very yum lasagne and baked delicious cake."


L (1st time mum) - "Clare was very supportive during the antenatal period. We met several times and she was very helpful, encouraging me to think about aspects of labour I had not considered and recommending lots of resources to help manage my anxiety."


M (2nd time mum) - "We thought Clare had the sense of calmness, respect and good level of understanding for our needs and requests. She also provided with immense level of knowledge of a few things we didn’t even consider. We particularly liked the fact that she was researching a lot of topics for us and providing us with very focussed reading material which helped us immensely.

Oh My God, where do we start? It’s all praises right from the beginning till the end. We had an unplanned home birth which couldn’t have be possible without the calm and positive attitude of Clare. She was there for anything that we needed her for. She did all that she could to make me comfortable during the labour."


R (3rd time mum) - "Clare is incredibly warm and caring and I felt safe and secure in her presence to be myself and discuss anything bothering me knowing she would be patient and kind.

Clare was there to provide the physical support I needed after a C-section which was incredibly important for me. She was extremely pro-active in looking for domestic bits to help with and get done, including preparing healthy meals and taking charge of my other children when it was needed.

Clare is warm, practical, intelligent and pro-active and has a direct no nonsense attitude I really appreciated. She was hugely supportive of giving the breastfeeding my best shot and immensely sympathetic throughout its various challenges but also insistent I do whatever felt best for me."


L (2nd time mum) - "We wanted to be as well informed as possible about the risks surrounding the various options that are available during labour and birth. Clare helped immensely with research into statistics. Clare is very intuitive and empathetic, she read between the lines when we spoke and after our meetings would (email) me questions clarifying whether or not I had any concerns or worries in particular areas that I may not have fully considered but were possibly on my mind from the birth of my first child."


W (2nd time dad) - "After the birth it was great to have Clare around. Having someone to help, reassure, support and help with planning was invaluable."


N (1st time mum) - "Clare was wonderful about keeping things running behind the scenes alleviating stress and requirements on my husband, this freed him up to be with me the entire time and get some sleep too!

Clare thought of a few things we hadn’t, such as covering over the medical equipment when we were unfortunately transferred to hospital. Clare was a wonderful support during the “pushing,” she quietly remained by my leg and allowed me to push against her for more strength.

Clare had spent some time clearing some of the birth tools away in our home, such as emptying the pool. This was a MASSIVE help so when we got home the house was practically untouched by the portion of labour that was at home.

Postnatally, it was healing to have someone who was part of the labour but somewhat detached emotionally from us, she saw things in another light than we did, and it was important to hear and talk to her about the experience.

I very much enjoyed Clare’s energy, attitude and passion! She was ideal for exactly what she did during our birth."

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