A doula is a woman who is knowledgeable about childbirth and who helps a mother and her partner during labour, childbirth and the first few weeks after their baby is born. A doula does whatever is needed (within reason!) to help the mother to feel prepared, aware of what will happen to her body (and the causes of those changes) and the choices that are available to her. She will work to make the birth environment calm and stress-free and try to ensure a positive birth experience for mother, father and baby.

What does a doula do?

  • Help you to prepare for childbirth during our antenatal sessions

  • Signpost sources of information about the choices that you will need to make

  • Suggest ways to help you feel more comfortable during labour

  • Help you to communicate your preferences to health care professionals

  • Talk, listen and reassure you

  • Support your partner to help you

  • Help you with practical needs e.g. food and drink

  • Make sure you are comfortable after the birth

  • Be with you throughout

  • Enables you to focus on birthing your baby your way


What does a doula not do?

  • Tell you what to do

  • Deliver your baby

  • Anything medical

  • Judge you for any informed choices that you make

What is a Doula?

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