What will happen in our meetings?

All sessions are flexible; however below are examples of the kind of topics we might cover in each session.


Our ​1st Antenatal meeting is an opportunity for you to discuss not only any past births, pregnancies or concerns you may have, but also look towards your birth preferences for this pregnancy. I can also highlight key pieces of research to you to make sure you are fully informed about the choices in front of you.


In our 2nd Antenatal session, we can get a little more specific, looking at the birth process itself, the environment (hospital? Birth centre? home?) and any other resources you may require. We will also discuss how best I can support you during labour and birth. Finally we may also have time to look at the choices that face you postnatally.


If you opt for a 3rd Antenatal session, we focus in on the immediate postnatal period and start to prepare you and your partner for baby’s first few days. This can be as practical as you like and may include feeding, bathing, changing nappies etc. as well as techniques such as skin-to-skin and baby-wearing to increase bonding.


The Birth! I will meet you at home (unless labour is very fast) and help you to manage the early contractions. I will accompany you to hospital or birth centre (or where ever you have chosen to birth your baby!) and stay with you until you are happy and settled after the birth.


For our 1st Postnatal session, which can be conducted either in your home or at the hospital, we can discuss the birth itself and work towards establishing happy and confident feeding, whether breast or bottle feeding.


For our optional 2nd Postnatal session it will be a case of ensuring you are settling into your new family configuration, that feeding is going well and that you are comfortable, resting and confident in looking after your baby and yourselves. It may be that you have other questions at this point, in which case I can signpost you towards any sources of information that you may need.